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Past Summer Research Grant Projects


Margaret Rose Donnan '22 | Interactive Effects of Plant Size and Longhorned Milkweed Beetle Root Feeding on Resprouting in Common Milkweed


Justin Mitchell '20 | Population Status and Nesting Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins on the Catlett Islands

Jason Dean Robinson '22 | Examining the Impact of a Specialist Herbivore on Pollinator Visitation and Success

Kelly Rodriguez-Vasquez '20 | On-demand New Particle Formation Measurements With a Handheld Arduino Multisensor


Jordan Martin '20 | Effectiveness of bamboo eradication in colonial national historical park

Christopher Ahrens '2020 |Towards a uniform environmental praxis for Muslim communities in Virginia

Soren Struckman '19 | Modelling common milkweed population dynamics

Ben Lazarus '19 | Sustainable Hierarchically Structured thermal insulator


Joshua Panganiban '20 | Herbarium Specimen Imaging and Digitalization

Marly Saunders '19 | Cleaning the Crim Dell

Chenje Shao '18 | Designing Stormwater Management


Erin Chapman '17 | Documenting Invasive Plant Species Distribution in the College Woods using Herbarium Specimens and Field Collections

Jesse Smyth '18 | Mapping Non-Native Species in the James River System

Ben Powell '17 | Sharkduino: Animal Tracking with an Open Source Arduino Platform

Amirio Freeman '17 | Culture of Sustainability at W&M Survey


Caitlin Cyrus '16 | The Influence of White-tailed Deer on Forest Sustainability: the importance of maintaining the College Woods to help mitigate climate change

Claire Goydan '16 | Using 22Na as an Isotopic Marker to Determine Water Age

Sanjana Verma '17 | Green Chemistry with Microwave Technology

Jason Zhang '18 | Bioswales on the W&M Campus


Jacqueline Huettenmoser '15 | Sea Turtle Research

Nora Jackson | Soil Fungal Communities, Campus Garden


Alexander Pellegrino '15 | Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A comparative compilation

Natalie Hudson-Smith '14 | Degredation of Naturally Sourced Plastics

Colleen Swingle '14 | Campus Garden 2 Year Plan


Michael Curcio '15 | Campus Gardens

Micah Jasny '13 | Bees Knees: Promoting sustainability and biodiversity by bringing honey bees to W&M

Jennifer Hackett '13 | "Smart Windows" for Energy Resource Efficiency

Colleen Swingle '14 | Assessing the Feasibility of a Campus Farm


Julia Casciotti '12 & Jamison Shabanowitz '12 | E-recycling

Patrick Foley '12 | Improving Public Transportation

Jamie Hall '13 | Sustainability in the Curriculum

John Hollis '12 | Sustainability Behavior Survey

Mary-Carson Saunders, J.D. '13 | A Sustainable Land Use Plan for the College Woods


Amanda Anderson '11: Green Roof Pilot Study

Max Cunningham '13: A Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the College

Jane Gray Morris '13: Community Gardens

Jamison Shabanowitz '12: E-Recycling at the College

Alexandra Volpert '11: Nutrient Loading in Lake Matoaka


Margaret Challand '10 | Stormwater Monitoring

Connor Horne '10 | Sustainable Food Procurement Program

Tyler Koontz '11 | William & Mary Recycling Assessment

Judi Sclafani '11 | Campus Recycling Revamp