Sustainability Course Survey

Do you teach a sustainability course?

The Office of Sustainability is collecting data to understand the extent of courses at W&M with content pertaining to sustainability.

Teach a sustainability course? Take the Survey! 

There are two different types of sustainability courses:
  • courses that are primarily focused on sustainability
  • courses that include sustainability

Below are guidelines for what we define as a sustainability course. Please thoroughly assess your courses from Summer 2017 through Spring 2018 using these definitions and, if any meet the guidelines below, please take 5 minutes to respond to a short survey. There is no need to complete the survey if your courses do not meet these guidelines.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability encompasses the dynamic interactions between society and the environment, both natural and human-driven, operating in ways that improve the well-being of all. This recognizes the natural changes of the environment and the multiple dimensions of society, such as individual well-being, culture, the economy, and governance; systems that are integrally connected. For examples of the scope of sustainability, please visit the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Sustainability-focused courses are explicitly focused on sustainability as a concept and/or focused on understanding or solving a sustainability challenge.

Sustainability-related courses are not primarily focused on sustainability but include units or lessons on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, incorporate one or more sustainability-focused activity, or integrate sustainability issues throughout the course. Courses that have a strong social sustainability component, but not an environmental component, can be counted as sustainability-related.

*While some courses may provide knowledge that is useful to practitioners of sustainability (e.g. chemistry or GIS), the courses would not be considered to be inclusive of sustainability unless; the concept of sustainability or a sustainability challenge is specifically integrated into the course; or the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability is demonstrated through connecting the course topic to broader systems.

This survey is for our tri-annual AASHE STARS data collection. William & Mary will include the course description of sustainability-related courses in the STARS report, which will be available to the public, and courses will be tagged in banner with a Sustainability attribute to help students find them.

Please email Calandra Waters Lake, Director of Sustainability, at [[waterslake]] if you have any questions about William & Mary’s participation in the program.