Submit a Green Fee Proposal

The Committee on Sustainability accepts Green Fee proposals every spring and fall semester. 

Submit Your Completed Proposal

Pre-proposals are not required, but highly encouraged. This allows for feedback and stakeholder engagement to ensure your strongest proposal possible. Pre-proposals are also reviewed by Procurement to help ensure compliance with university purchasing policies.

Download pre-proposal cover sheet

Completed proposals with a cover sheet should be submitted as a SINGLE PDF document via the link above. If you did not complete a pre-proposal, please send your proposal to Procurement to ensure compliance with university purchasing policies. 

Download Full Proposal cover sheet


Considerations When Writing a Proposal

Projects and initiatives often impact many stakeholders across the campus. Please refer to the following list to help determine who you may need to reach out to for consultation. If you have contacted stakeholders prior to the submission of a proposal, include their input or note their response in the proposal. Submitted proposals that lack appropriate approval and/or consultation risk being deferred.

For general advice, history of sustainability initiatives on campus or outreach to see if others are working on similar projects, please contact [[sustain]].

Procurement Kathy Mabe, Senior Sourcing Specialist of Procurement Operations [[klmabe]] purchasing of ANY kind, contracting of ANY kind, quotes, vendors
Facilities Gregg Shipp, Director of Planning, Design & Construction [[gshipp]] general Facilities questions
Utilities Farley Hunter, Associate Director of Utilities [[fhunter]] energy and water
Grounds John McFarlane, Associate Director of Gardens and Grounds [[jdmcfa]] outdoor installations or vegetation
Constructing Tim Russell, Space Data Manager [[tmruss]] building of any items or structures by hand
Community Office of Community Engagement [[oce]] community outreach and partnerships

Fanchon Glover, Chief Diversity Officer (faculty/staff)

Center for Student Diversity (students)



inclusion and culture
Health & Wellness Health & Wellness visit Health & Wellness for individual departments well-being, recreation, counseling

Many Green Fee projects have involved the short-term use of common tools over the years. To reduce the need for applicants to request funds for common equipment the Committee on Sustainability has created a lending library of tools available for Green Fee projects. Please visit the Sustainability Tool Library and confirm what equipment might be available for use on a project prior to submitting the proposal.

Example Green Fee Proposal Outline

This proposal outline is encouraged, but not required. Green Fee projects vary so greatly that some may require additional components while others will need to exclude sections. Please adapt this to your needs to create the most comprehensive proposal possible.

Recognition of Funding Source

All projects receiving funding should clearly identify the Green Fee as a source of support.  Due to the variety of projects covered through the Green Fee, this identification may take different forms. If unsure of the best way to recognize the funding source on a project please consult the Director of Sustainability.