W&M Green Fee Fund

No ideas are too great or small.


We have recently moved the Green Fee submission portal from our office email to Qualtrics for a smoother process. Please submit all Green Fee Proposals via this link: https://tinyurl.com/wmGreenFee. We no longer accept proposals submitted to sustain@wm.edu

The Green Fee is intended solely for purposes that advance W&M's interests in sustainability relating to its general operations and the university's tri-partite missions of teaching, research, and public service. Proposals are accepted from all students, faculty, and staff.

Spring 2020 Deadlines
  • Pre-proposal deadline: February 12 @ 5pm

 pre-proposal Info & cover sheet

  • Full proposal deadline (as a single pdf): March 4 @ 5pm

proposal info & cover sheet


Green Fee A-Z
  1. Are pre-proposals required? No, pre-proposals are not required but are highly encouraged. Submitting a pre-proposal allows for feedback, connections, and stakeholder support so your final proposal can be as strong as possible. 
  2. Procurement If a pre-proposal was not submitted, please ensure Procurement has checked your proposal for compliance with university purchasing policies prior to submitting.
  3. Who is eligible to submit a proposal?
    Any individual (faculty, staff, administrator, or student) or group (for example, student organization, school, academic program, or administrative or auxiliary unit) within the W&M community may submit a proposal for Green Fee project funding. 
  4. I'm not sure if my ideas are great enough for a proposal. Should I still submit a proposal?
    No ideas and goals are too great or small, as long as the proposal advances the goals of COS and the W&M Sustainability Plan. Contact [[sustain]] with help on your idea. 
  5. How long will my project be supported if I receive a Green Fee reward?
    All projects are supported for up to 12 months. Extensions are not guaranteed, but can be requested in writing. 
  6. What if my proposal involves a multi-phase project? 
    Submit a proposal for funding the first phase and include the additional phases for reference. 
  7. Can a student be a mentor for a student-led project?
    No. Proposals submitted by students must include the participation of a faculty or staff member acting as a mentor for the project. All student-led projects are required to maintain an advisor for the duration of the project or the project is subject to termination.
  8. Can I fund research or a project I am receiving academic for? 
    Yes. Student projects may involve academic credit approved by the appropriate unit. In line with W&M policy, students can either receive course credit or payment for research, but not both.
  9. I'm not sure if there were similar projects funded by Green Fee in the past. What should I do?
    Please visit Green Fee History & Past Projects for more information.
  10. What should I do before I submit a proposal?
    Prior to the submission of a proposal, applicants should consult with those stakeholders that their project could influence and, if necessary, seek approval. 
  11. Can bottle filling stations be funded? COS is not accepting bottle-filling station proposals at this time. COS has funded bottle-filling stations in most high-traffic academic and administrative buildings on campus. Facilities Management now has technical standards that requires that they include bottle-filling stations in new buildings and major renovations.
  12. Will I receive the full amount requested if my proposal is rewarded Green Fee Fund?
    Depending on the number of project proposals received, the committee may not fund the full amount requested for all projects. Cost sharing with other organizations or units is encouraged.
  13. What should I include in my submission?
    All proposals should include an elaborated project summary, budgets, metrics, timeline, and a cover sheet. Read more on example green fee proposal outline.
  14. What do I have to do when I receive an award?

    Recipients of Green Fee Funds are required to submit a short summary paragraph about their project for publication on the website and press release. A brief progress report or a final report is also required every semester. Learn more for funded projects. 

All projects receiving funding should clearly identify the Green Fee as a source of support.  Due to the variety of projects covered through the Green Fee, this identification may take different forms. If unsure of the best way to recognize the funding source on a project, please consult the Director of Sustainability. 

For additional information, please see the Green Fee Policy.

Submit a Proposal

All questions regarding Green Fee should be sent to Office of Sustainability at [[sustain]].

All applications will be reviewed by the Committee on Sustainability in a timely manner. 

All proposals must be submitted via Qualtrics.