Green Fee History & Past Projects

The William & Mary Green Fee was proposed in a student referendum and approved in a near-unanimous vote by the students of the university in Spring 2008.  It was subsequently adopted by the W&M Board of Visitors, and implemented by the establishment of The President’s Committee on Sustainability (COS) by the President of the university, W. Taylor Reveley.   COS is charged with implementation of the College’s Sustainability Policy and with the management and disbursement of Green Fee funds. Members of COS are selected to represent the various interests of the university in Administration, the Faculty, Students and Staff.  COS representatives serve at the pleasure of the President.  In addition, there is a Director of Sustainability to manage day-to-day operations.  COS operations are housed administratively within the office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives.

The W&M Green Fee is intended solely for purposes that advance the university’s interests in sustainability relating to its general operations and to the tri-partite missions of the university in teaching, research and public service.  The Green Fee is included within the General Fees of the W&M Budget and are paid on a per semester basis by all students paying tuition. Funds are disbursed twice each year during the Fall & Spring Semesters through a competitive process for grant proposals approved by COS, and once a year in the Spring for student summer research grants. All unspent or unallocated Green Fee funds carry forward and may only be used for sustainability purposes.