For Funded Projects

Congratulations on receiving a Green Fee grant!
As an awardee, there are certain expectations and responsibilities that come with your grant.

Please do not make out-of-pocket purchases! You can make purchases at some businesses in Williamsburg that we have accounts with (contact Lillian Stevens [[lhkell]] before the purchase) but most purchasing will be through your advisor or the sustainability office. Please check with your advisor's comfort level on purchasing, some make purchases for W&M often or have a operations manager that could do so, other advisors are less comfortable with this process and that is where we step in.

Due to the volume of Green Fee projects, our preference is to have advisors, or their departments, make purchases of project specific items (i.e. solvents for chemistry research), but we can often help with the purchase of more general items like office supplies, pizza, stickers, and t-shirts. For additional details, please read the Student Purchasing Guidelines below.

Student Purchasing Guidelines

RECEIPTS: If you are making a purchase through any of our established accounts (i.e. pizza), please inform Lillian Stevens [[lhkell]] prior to the purchase and always request an ITEMIZED receipt (i.e. says what pizzas you ordered). Bring this to Lillian Stevens at Bridges House within 1 working day of the purchase.

Faculty & Staff

Due to the volume of Green Fee projects, if you already use a Small Purchase Credit Card (SPCC) for university purchases, please explore the possibility of making purchasing via this route for your project. If you do not have an SPCC, please check with your operations manager to see if they may be of assistance. We are happy to help in purchasing if you need additional help.

Please contact Lillian Stevens [[lhkell]] or Calandra Waters Lake [[waterslake]] about how to proceed if you need help with purchasing.


As an awardee, it is your responsibility to track your purchases and budget. Please do not go over your awarded amount and if any purchases need to be changed from the original proposal, please contact Calandra Waters Lake [[waterslake]].


At the time of the award, recipients of Green Fee Funds are required to submit a short summary paragraph about their project for publication on the website and press release. Each semester following the receipt of funds, the project leader will submit a brief progress report describing the status of work and any results achieved. A final report is due upon completion of the project. This will include a request for the number of individuals impacted by your event (i.e. attendance at an event, students in a working group), funds spent, and a description of the project's success. 


Student led projects must have a faculty or staff advisor at all times. Advisors provide consistency, longevity, and a responsible university employee to a project. Student projects without an advisor are subject to review and possible closure.


Unless awarded specific exception, Green Fee grants are not meant to be permanent accounts. They are created to fund a project for a specific amount of time (often 1-2 yrs or less), and progress is expected to be made each semester towards completion of the project. If a project cannot be completed in a reasonable amount of time, it may be subject to closure.

Moving Funds

Green Fee funds cannot be moved from the Green Fee to another account to be held for a future date. Funds cannot be withdrawn as cash before a purchase. Any funds not spent at the end of the project remain with the Green Fee.