Conference Funding

The Committee on Sustainability believes that conferences are a valuable way to learn and share new ideas between sustainability-minded individuals. Student participation in conferences will benefit W&M as new ideas are put into practice. W&M's talented student body also has much to share with other colleges and universities.  COS has set aside $1500 per year from the Green Fee to support student attendance at sustainability-related conferences for registration, travel and lodging (hotels only, AirBnB style establishments are no longer acceptable per 2019 university policy).

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Eligibility and the Application Process
1. How much money will be put aside each semester/year?

COS will set aside $1,500 per year from the Green Fees to support conference funding. If all of the money is not disbursed, it will revert back to Green Fees at the end of the school year to support other projects.

2. Who will be eligible to receive funds?

All students (including graduate students) are eligible to apply for COS funding for conferences, but preference will be given to members of COS working groups or the Steering Committee.  Students may only receive funding once per academic year.

3. What is the application process?
COS will accept conference funding applications on a rolling basis--first come, first served. The applicant must submit the following items two weeks prior to the conference date:

Students are encouraged to submit applications before the two week deadline. There will be no retroactive funding, and applications received less than two weeks prior to the conference date will not be accepted. 

Recipient Selection and Award Making
1. Who will choose the recipients?

The Steering Committee will choose the recipients at monthly meetings, or by email if necessary (e.g. during the summer).

2. How much will each recipient receive?

COS will award up to $300 per recipient to be applied toward transportation, lodging and registration. This amount will allow COS to support a minimum of 5 students a year with conference funding. 

COS will only fund two students to go to the same conference. However, if more than two students apply for the same conference and wish to split the award, they may do so. COS reserves the right to reduce the amount of the award if demand is overwhelming, but the award will not be reduced to below $100. 

3.  How do I get reimbursed?

Students must submit original receipts along with the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher form within two weeks of the return date in order to be reimbursed.  Submit original receipts and forms to Calandra Waters Lake [[waterslake]], Director of Sustainability, and Lillian Stevens [[lhkell]], Office Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Public Affairs. 

Conference Guidelines and Recipient Obligations
1. Which conferences are eligible?

The conference must be related to campus sustainability in order for the student to receive COS funding. Preference is given to conferences located in the United States. 

2.  What expenses are approved for reimbursement?

Conference registration fees, lodging and transportation expenses are eligible for reimbursement.  See the Student Activities Conference Funding website for a detailed list of approved expenses.

3. What do students have to do after the conference?

Students must submit a blog (including at least 1 picture) for Hark Upon the Green about the conference to the sustainability director to ensure that both COS and the campus community benefit from the students experience. There is a possibility that the students may be asked to give a short presentation about their conference at a later date.  

Apply for conference funding now!