Climate Action Subcommittee

The Climate Action Subcommittee (CAS) is charged with creating the university's Climate Action Plan. CAS is chaired by Professor John Swaddle and Director Calandra Waters Lake, and co-chaired by Law School student [[e|msheardsnow, Michael Heard Snow]] and [[e|hliu14, Thomas Liu]]'22. 

Working Groups  

Interested in joining a working group? Contact the working group leader about their next meeting!

Curriculum & Research

[[jmkaste, James Kaste]], Associate Professor of Geology, Director of ENSP
This working group will explore ways to incorporate climate change and sustainability into the curriculum and research of the institution broadly, recognizing the power that students and faculty research have on addressing global challenges like climate change.


[[amking02, Angela King]], Asst Director Va Coastal Policy Center & Molly Mitchell, Marine Scientist Supervisor VIMS CCRM
This working group will explore ways to connect, expand, and amplify the current resiliency efforts taking place at/through W&M. For example, connecting outward-facing efforts to inward efforts, such as curriculum, research, and the physical campus that can further benefit the local and global community. 

Carbon Neutrality Map

[[gshipp, Gregg Shipp]], Director of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction
Acting as the lead on the carbon neutrality map, this working group will create multiple scenarios of carbon neutrality for differing dates and work closely with the Carbon Credits working group.

Carbon Credits 

[[nathrockmorton, Nathaniel Throckmorton]], Asst Professor of Economics
This working group will explore the purchase of carbon credits that would entail offsetting emissions, by working closely with the Carbon Neutrality Map Working Group, contributing carbon credit information for differing dates and providing idea generation support.

Carbon Credits Working Group: The Tribe Carbon Fund
Project Leader: Anna Gleason '20
Advisor: Nathaniel Throckmorton, Assistant Professor of Economics

William & Mary offers a unique carbon offset program where 100% of funds go towards energy reducing projects on our historic campus. Carbon offset programs allow people to counteract their carbon footprint by donating to projects that reduce CO2 emissions. The Tribe Carbon Fund members are working to update the webpage so W&M departments may offset their emissions, particularly travel emissions. For meeting information, contact a CAS co-chair. 


[[erharris, Eden Harris]], Associate Director, Marketing, Communications and Licensing
This working group will explore and suggest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation and production of W&M food in dining halls, cafes and other campus food supplier.


[[pafredrick, Trici Fredrick]], Senior Associate Director, Student Unions & Engagement
This working group will explore and suggest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by the landfilling of waste, emphasizing on not creating waste in the first place (reduce), reuse, then recycle.


[[wxhora, Bill Horacio]], Director of Parking Services
This working group will explore and suggest ways to reduce commuting emissions through behavioral, infrastructure, and operation changes, by refining ideas and building consensus across the campus community.

Study Abroad

[[mpknapp, Marina Knapp]], Global Education Special Programs Advisor
This working group will explore and suggest ways to address emissions produced through study abroad travel, while still encouraging and supporting student participation, by refining ideas and building consensus across the campus community.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

[[jpierce, Jessica Pierce]], Senior Asst Director, Institutional Research
This working group will evaluate the current Greenhouse Gas data collection and reporting process for improvements/strengthening, institutionalizing, and standardizing, including the exploration of more accurate ways to collect data on emissions.