Frequently Asked Questions

Event Planning
Why do I need set up a meeting 10 days prior to my event to discuss furniture set-up?

During a planning meeting you have the opportunity to specifically go over what you are hoping to accomplish with your event and to design a room-specific diagram for your event which will be used to prepare your reserved room. Planning meetings are also extremely beneficial to cover specific details, discuss policies, explain what services and materials are available, and consider other factors of your program that you may not have considered.

Why can I not place tables in the hallways to register my guests for my events?

Fire code does not allow us to place standard tables in the hallways; consequently it is a safety issue. However, there are other ways and places in the Sadler Center and Campus Center to register your guests. We would be happy to discuss those possibilities on a case by case basis.

Why can I not tape, tack, staple, or affix flyers or decorations to the walls, doors, windows, blinds, screens, or woodwork of the Sadler Center or Campus Center?

We have this policy in place to protect the facilities. You can have decorations, but they need to be free standing or you can attach them to the tables and chairs that we provide for your event.

My group is interested in placing a collection box in the Sadler Center for clothes/books/canned goods, etc.  What rules and policies do you have regarding collection boxes?

All collection box requests must be approved by the Sadler Center Director, Eric Margiotta.  We allow up to three organizations to each place one collection box in the seating area next to the Information Desk.  We will not allow competing collection boxes (i.e. two organizations collecting clothing will not be approved for the same time period).  These boxes may stay for a maximum of two weeks and must be emptied regularly by a member of the sponsoring organization.  Any materials remaining after two weeks will be donated to a Williamsburg charity.

Are there other policies I should be aware of before scheduling my event?

Please visit the list of building policies for more information.

Where can I park without a permit?

You may park at any metered space or purchase a day pass from Parking Services (or W&M Police after 4:30 PM).  Parking rules are enforced from 7:30 AM on Monday through 5:00 PM on Friday.  For more information on visitor parking, please visit the Parking Services website.

Where can I buy tickets for events on campus?

Tickets for athletic events can be purchased at the William & Mary Hall ticket office or online.  Most major campus events sell tickets through the Phi Beta Kappa box office or online.  Student organizations usually reserve tables in the Sadler Center or Campus Center lobby to sell tickets for their events.  You may call the Information Desk at (757) 221-1351 to find out if a group is scheduled to be selling tickets in the lobby.