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AMP Structure/Membership

Many people are involved in AMP to bring W&M high-quality programming and experiences.

AMP Structure Table

Directors serve a the primary leaders and resources to all members of AMP and work with the Executive Board and Advisors to guide the mission, direction, and effectiveness of the organization and its events.  Directors are expected to attend as many events as possible.  There are three Director positions.

  • Director of the Executive Board: oversees the management of AMP.  They represent the organization to various campus constituents such as the Office of Students Leadership Development, the President's Office, and the Student Assembly.
  • Director of Internal Affairs: serves as a liaison between the Executive Board and the General Board members.  They act as the Human Resources body of AMP.
  • Director of External Affairs: serves as the primary resource for any AMP publicity efforts.  They act as the Public Relations body of AMP.  They work to ensure proper execution and delivery of all AMP information to the campus and the general public.
Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are responsible for event management and promotion.  Chairs are expected to think not just of their own committee but also of the organization as a whole and act as a liaison between the General Board, Advisors, Directors, and the Executive Board.  There are seven Chair positions: Films, Homebrew, Impact, Interns, Live, Science & Sustainability, and Special Events.  Moreover, they are responsible for planning, leading, and facilitating weekly committee meetings.

General Board Members

General Board Members - as the largest part of the organization - work with each other to create, plan, and put on events for their respective committees.  Members gain foundational skills including, but not limited to: event planning, marketing, communication, leadership, time management, professional development, and problem solving.


AMP Council helps the Director of Internal Affairs promote AMP unity and enrich the experience of the General Board.  Council also helps the Director of External Affairs craft AMP's image and branding.  AMP Council's primary responsibility is to provide a fulfilling, hands-on training program to help General Board members gain meaningful skills and experiences, while working closely alongside the Directors of Internal and External Affairs.  The goal of AMP Council is to train the future leaders of the organization by giving them tasks that would be deemed "behind-the-scenes."  The members bring the perspective of their respective committees to put forth a unified message through outreach materials.


Though AMP is a student-led organization, it welcomes the help and guidance of its advisors.  The Assistant Director of Programming for Student Unions & Engagement and the Graduate Assistant directly advise AMP's Executive Board.  Schedule permitting, they attend all Executive and General Board meetings.  They also hold weekly meetings with each Executive Board member.  In general, advisors serve as a resource for all members of AMP and ultimately allow Directors and Chairs to make decisions regarding AMP as long as it adheres to the university, state, and national laws and policies.