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AMP Committees

AMP Committees program events for all students at W&M to enjoy.  Each committee is managed by a Committee Chair.  Explore the seven committees below.

AMP Committees
Films Committee

The Films Committee provides the student body with entertainment and education through films ranging from box office hits to art house cinema.  Aside from showing films, the committee has also programmed film festivals, filmmaking workshops, competitions, and entertainment industry speakers.

Homebrew Committee

The Homebrew Committee promotes student talent through "Homebrew" events in Lodge 1 every other Thursday.  The committee conducts auditions for students who wish to take part in a Homebrew event.  The auditions typically take place at the beginning of each semester and are usually held over the course of two days in 4-6 hours time blocks.  Traditionally, Homebrews have followed various themes.  The committee may host similar events featuring student talent in varied formats such as "DanceBrew" and "StoryBrew."  "ComedyBrew," is an annual competition in which W&M students have the opportunity to showcase their standup skills.

Impact Committee

The Impact Committee plans and executes events centered around diversity & inclusion, health & wellness, and current social topics/issues and engages with the diversity of the human experience through speakers, debates, discussions, and other programming.  The Impact Committee will also strive to encourage proper health and wellness practices amongst college students, and inform them of important social topics and civil engagement opportunities.  The flexibility of this committee allows for a wide variety of entertainment, ranging from professor talks to etiquette dinners to cultural dancers.

Interns Committee

At the beginning of the fall semester, the Interns Chair starts recruiting freshmen, sophomores, and other students new to W&M who may be interested in joining the organization (starting at the Activities Fair).  They then arrange an interview process and select 15-20 students to serve on the Interns Committee.  The Interns Committee usually plans fewer events in the fall; however, they have perhaps the most flexibility, as they are encouraged to plan events from every facet of AMP's programming offerings.  They also work alongside committees they express interest in planning and executing events.  The Interns Chair works with the advisors to provide opportunities for the committee members to build a holistic understanding of AMP through mentoring, leadership development programs, and more.  This committee is designed to be a successful springboard into the future leadership for AMP.

Live Committee

The Live Committee works to bring contracted live entertainment, such as comedy and music performances, from outside of the William & Mary community to the campus at a low cost for students.  The committee strives for diversity and aims to each out to all types of musical and comedic preferences that exist at W&M.

Science & Sustainability Committee

The Science & Sustainability Committee is dedicated to introducing sustainable initiatives and keeping the campus informed on scientific topics through hands-on activities.  This committee is charged with promoting sustainability within the organization and throughout the student body.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee has the pleasure and challenge of dealing with loose guidelines.  Because of its large umbrella, Special Events often co-sponsors events with other committees and student organizations.  Members of this committee should be ready to use their creativity in dreaming up ideas for bringing new, never-before-seen events to William & Mary.  The flexibility of this committee allows for a wide variety from Last Day of Classes Festival to smaller arts and crafts events.  Big or small, this committee does it all.