Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre at Lake Matoaka

121 Ukrop Way

Situated on the banks of Lake Matoaka, the Amphitheatre is home to concerts, wedding ceremonies, and parties. The venue can be accessed by way of Jamestown Road.

Parking is available in the campus parking deck located at 201 Ukrop Way.  There is a short walking path that runs from the lot to the amphitheatre.  The path runs directly behind Miller Hall (101 Ukrop Way).  There is limited handicap parking on location and may be accessed at the entrance behind Miller Hall.  Check individual event information for fees associated with parking.

Seating Capacity

There are 575 fixed seats with 1,100 festival style seating capacity.  With the use of the pit area in front of the stage (standing only), an event can host up to 2,000 patrons.


Ticketing is provided by the individual groups who use the space.  If you are looking for information regarding a specific event sponsored by the College or Alma Mater Productions ("AMP"), please contact the Office of Student Leadership Development.  If you are looking for an event not sponsored by the College contact Conference and Event Services (757) 221-4084.

Looking up from stage
Permitted to bring

Different events may allow different items.  But generally, no large backpacks or coolers are permitted unless specifically mentioned in the event information.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted but may be available for purchase.   If you don't have reserved seating, attendees are encouraged to bring a blanket and enjoy the grassy landscaped seating.

Concert event
Reserving space

During an academic session, student organizations can submit a Student Space Request Form to the Scheduling Office.  Student organizations are charged $50/hour for use of the venue.  Faculty and staff can also submit the Faculty and Staff Space Request Form to the Scheduling Office and are charged the same as student organizations.  For off campus users, please contact Conference and Event Services for rental fees (757-221-4084).