Use of the College Insignia/Seal

William and Mary Creative Services established the University Style Guide to provide guidelines on how and when the univeristy name and marks may be used.

When producing merchandise, whether as giveaways or as resale items, prior approval must be granted by the William & Mary Licensing Office.  Additional information about producing merchandise bearing the William & Mary name or mark may be found at {{}}

Unauthorized use of the College name and/or marks may result in seizure of non-conforming products.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines, please contact Eden Harris in the  Licensing Office 1-4821, or email her at [[licensing]].

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Approval of any usage must be obtained from the William and Mary Licensing Office prior to production. This approval will not only involve the use of the College name and marks, but vendor production as well.  Vendors producing William & Mary merchandise must be licensed through Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).
  • Merchandise produced for re-sale is subject to a royalty fee, which is 10% of the wholesale cost.  This fee is typically paid by the vendor.
  • No use of the College name or marks is permitted on any alcohol, tobacco, or firearm product. Alcohol, tobacco, or firearms may not be sold under the implicit or explicit authorization of the College.
  • Products bearing the name or marks of the College in an offensive or distasteful manner or not meeting the quality standards of the College will not receive the appropriate authorization. 
  • Student organizations must first submit their product proposals to the Office of Student Leadership Development, who will work with the Licensing Office to obtain approval of the artwork and product quality.