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An Open Letter to Recognized Student Organizations


An Open Letter to Recognized Student Organizations (Fall 2020) Presented in Collaboration by the Black Student Organization and Keyyatta Bonds '21

Full Description

During the summer and fall of 2020,  a small group of students actively engaged in compiling questions and responses from identity based & multicultural organizations (MCOs) and non-MCOs surrounding diversity and inclusion. As a result of the questions asked and responses given, they created this great document, "An Open Letter to Recognized Student Organizations" that is intended to serve as a starting point for a larger conversation.  

This comprehensive letter is a great document (and tool) to engage with if you (and your organization) want to do better work around diversity and inclusion effort.  

SLD sends out appreciative acknowledgement to Keyyatta Bonds '20 and Loni Wright '20 (Co-President Black Student Organization) for the many hours they have spent on this project. 

Please take this letter back to your group and use it as a resource and conversation guide.