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Revenue From Events

Recognized Student Organizations may be approved for “loans” from Student Assembly for certain events that would not otherwise be approved for funding. If your organization will be charging admission and/or requesting donations of any kind, you will be required to comply with the revenue generating policy.

  1. All revenue generating events must still be open to the student body, have a reasonable cost per person, and otherwise follow the rules of the Student Assembly.
  2. These events may charge admission and other fees, may make philanthropic donations from the profits, and may include fundraisers.
  3. Before any profits from the event can be kept or donated, all loaned funds must be repaid in full. If event profits do not cover the full amount of the loan, the organization will not be considered indebted.
  4. You will need to keep a detailed record of all expenses and income sources for your event and submit this information on an Activity & Event Expenses/Revenue Report within 10 academic days following your event.