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Approved Expenses

Money from the A&E fund may be used to help defray the costs of the following expenses:

  • Speaker’s package for outside speakers, guests, etc. shall be funded as follows:
    • Travel may be covered but must be included in the lump sum payment to the speaker. Except for rare circumstances, we will not pay for travel separately and travel cannot be reimbursed.
    • Guests who live close to Williamsburg (i.e. closer than Richmond or Norfolk) will not be reimbursed for their minor travel to and from Williamsburg
  • Lodging for guest speakers or performers
  • Food 
    • Includes meals for guest speakers or performers; finger food for receptions following speaking events; other food if it is integral to an event
    • Must follow non-travel daily expenses as listed above but is generally calculated at $3.00 maximum per attendee
  • Contracted Fees for Speakers, Performers
  • Publicity
    • Generally includes flyers, max $7 per event

NOTE: Gifts and honorariums will not be paid. Special Event Funding may never be used for this purpose.