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Spring 2020 Student Organizations Funding FAQs

Student Organization leaders who have questions about the funding allocated to their respective organizations for events and activities, which were cancelled due to COVID-19, should check these FAQs.  If there are additional questions, please email

Organization Funding FAQs
Funding for Events
  • We were supposed to have an event in late March/early April and will be rescheduling it to the Fall, do we still have that funding available?
    • Your organization need to apply or reapply to the Activities & Event Fund once you have booked a space, confirmed logistics, and updated costs for your rescheduled event.  Given the specifics of your event are confirmed, your organization will receive priority in decision making with regards to the A&E process.  No funding is guaranteed, but we will work with you.  Priority is ONLY for events which have been rescheduled due to the closure.
  • What is the timeline for applying to Activity & Event Fund?
    • The process will open in August 2020.  You must apply at least 30 days before your event. 
  • Can we hold two of the same events in Spring 2021?
    • No, if your organization already received funding through the 2020-2021 Annual Budget process, you may not receive funding again for the same event.
  • What if my organization doesn't want to reschedule the event we had to cancel in Spring 2020 and was already allocated funding for the Spring 2021 event, can we use the 2019-2020 allocation on top of the 2020-2021 allocation?
    • No, if you decide not to reschedule, but rather apply for A&E for additional funding for one event in 2020-2021, for which you already have funding, you will not be given priority in A&E.  You may apply for A&E to supplement your 2020-2021 allocation, as you normally could, however, it will not be given the same priority as a rescheduled event.
  • Do we have to reschedule the event that was cancelled in Spring 2020 due to COVID-19?
    • No, you do not have to reschedule the event.  Leaders of the organization should consider whether or not the organization has the capacity/resources to hold regularly scheduled/planned Fall events AND rescheduled Spring events. 
Funding for Operational Expenses
  • What if our organization didn't get to purchase operational supplies before the end of the year?
    • If your organization needs to purchase operational supplies that are necessary for your organization to operate in the fall, there is a process to still have these items purchase.  Please email or reach out to [[w|ctspady, Chelsea Spady - Financial Operations Specialist]].
  • What is the deadline for these operational expenses?
    • As soon as you know your organization needs these expenses.  This will only be open through mid-Fall.
  • My organization now needs something different.  Can I request something different/new from our remaining budget?
    • No, your organization may only be approved for operational expenses which were previously allocated for 2019-2020.
Other Funding Questions
  • Can we use the leftover funds in our 2019-2020 budget for (insert random purchase here)?
    • No, you may only use "remaining" funds for purchases which were previously allocated for in the budget.
  • What will happen to the balance in our organization's account from the 2019-2020 budget year?
    • All balances will clear and the 2020-2021 budgets will be loaded in August 2020; this is the practice with remaining balances every year.
  • What is happening with the leftover money?
    • Balances will be returned to the Student Assembly Reserves, per the Student Assembly Code.  These funds will continue to support student initiatives in the years to come.
  • Can we change what we requested for in the 2020-2021 budget?
    • No, there can be no alterations to the 2020-2021 budgets as those have already been approved by Student Assembly.