Conference Funding Guidelines

  1. Students will be considered for conference funding only once during the conference year (July 1 - June 30).
  2. No more than five students will be funded to attend the same conference. Exceptions may be made if more than five students want to attend a conference together and share what the total award would be for five. Each student must submit a separate application for funding.
  3. The Conference Fund is intended for travel within the contiguous 48 states, with the exception of certain Canadian cities. If funds are approved for out of the country travel it will be the sole responsibility of the student to obtain the necessary documents require by the university to be reimbursed for expenses paid in foreign funds and to provide proof of the currency exchange rates during the dates of travel. The maximum allocations for the eligibility categories apply equally to travel within and outside the Unites States.
  4. Conference fund applications submitted after the advertised deadline date will not be considered. Only online applications will be accepted.
  5. Conference funds cannot be used for participants who wish to attend a conference as part of their job search or to undertake job interviews.
  6. Conference funds are not intended for participants attending competitions. A separate process exists from another source for competitive activity.
  7. Conference funds can only be used to cover portions of approved expenses (transportation, lodging and registration fees).   Also, if you have received funding from another source or if you intend to apply to other sources for funding to cover any portion of travel or participation in this conference, it must be noted on this application.  Your reimbursement is based on the final receipts submitted.
  8. Conference funds are administered on a reimbursement basis and are not available prior to travel unless arrangements can be made for direct payment of expenses. Reimbursement cannot be processed until after travel has occurred.
  9. Any portion of travel which has been paid for or charged to a college account (W & M or VIMS) must be reimbursed to that account not to the individual. Appropriate account information will be needed to process a transfer of funds.
  10. Applicants are not guaranteed the maximum allowed for their approved category. Award amounts will be determined by the number and category of approved applications for the specific period.  Students will only receive reimbursements for expenses they can prove with proper documentation.  Full awards are not guaranteed.