Eligibility Categories

Conference Funding is available to all full-time W&M undergraduates, and full-time graduates in William & Mary School of Law, William & Mary Business School, William & Mary School of Education and William & Mary Graduate Arts & Sciences.  VIMS students are not eligible for conference funding. 

Applicants will be grouped into four categories with invited speakers getting first priority,accepted presenters next and so on until all eligible applicants have been considered.

Accepted Presenters ($250 max award)

Accepted presenters are those students who submitted papers or work that has been accepted for presentation at a conference.

You will be required to submit a copy of your letter of acceptance.

 If applying as an accepted presenter who has submitted a paper for consideration but confirmation has not yet been received, please go ahead and submit your application prior to the deadline date and forward you acceptance letter as soon as it arrives.  Consideration is only given to applications received prior to the deadline date.


Representatives ($150 max award)

Representatives are those students who are members of an approved recognized William & Mary organization and are attending a regional or national conference for that specific organization as representatives of the W&M group.