How to Apply

Student Organizations Can Request Funds Through TribeLink!

In the Finance section of your organization's TribeLink page your disignated Primary Contact, President or Treasurer can submit a Funding Request.

  • It is recommended that you email one of the following Senate Finance Committee members to discuss your request prior to submitting it.  This will ensure that items being requested are allowable under funding guidelines, which will make for an easier process and a quicker response.
  • Requests must be submitted on line. 
  • As you complete your application you will be asked to provide an itemized listing of expenses and costs.
  • You will be asked to provide information of any funding sources you already have that will go towards the event.
  • Please submit only one funding request for each activity/event.
  • If more than one organization is co-sponsoring an activity/event they should prepare the budget sheet together and submit only one request.
  • Requests should be submitted well in advance. Allow a minimum of 30 days for funding decisions. Pre-planning is necessary to avoid delays in arrangements and payments.
  • Arrangements for purchases or services should not be made prior to receiving funding approval. Arrangements made prior to funding approval date will not be covered.
  • Upon receiving notification of funding you will be instructed as to the spending procedures and provided with the necessary forms for processing payments of expenses.
  • All invoices and receipts for approved expenses must be submitted for processing and cleared through the College accounting office within 30 days following the event. Funding will not be guaranteed after the 30 day period.

Rules Concerning Activities & Events Requests (2017):

All funding shall be based primarily on need. Groups with a surplus of funds in their accounts will be asked to justify their need for additional funding.

The intended use of this policy is for organization whose anticipated fixed costs (costs that are stable regardless of attendance such as facility fees, speaker fees, sound, security, etc.) are beyond the scope of the organization to cover WITHOUT an allocation. Items such as food are variable, as such admission cost should be determined based on those costs

All SA-funded events should be open to the student body. “Internal activities and events” such as t-shirts for the group, group retreats, or conference travel for group members cannot be funded through the A&E process.

Food may be funded under the following circumstances:

  1. If the average cost of food per attendee does not exceed $3.00.
  2. Events in which food is an integral aspect of the event. Solely food-based events (e.g. dinners and luncheons serving no broader purpose) do not qualify for this exception.

Philanthropic events and other fundraisers may not be funded. Exceptions to this rule may be granted under Section 7.

Admission fees may not be charged. Exceptions to this rule may be granted under Section 7.

Groups may be approved for loans from Student Assembly for certain events that would not otherwise be approved for funding.

  1. All loan-funded events must still be open to the student body, have a reasonable cost per person, and otherwise follow the rules of the Student Assembly.
  2. These events may charge admission and other fees, may make philanthropic donations from the profits, and may include fundraisers.
  3. Before any profits from the event can be kept or donated, all loaned funds must be repaid in full. If event profits do not cover the full amount of the loan, the organization will not be considered indebted.
  4. You will need to keep a detailed record of all expenses and income sources for your event and submit this information on an Activity & Event Expenses/Revenue Report within 10 academic days following your event.
SA typically suggests that A&E request fall within a designated per attendee range around $5.00 in order to ensure adequate funding for all groups’ events.
  1. Speaker’s package for outside speakers, etc. shall be funded as follows:
    1. Travel may be covered
    2. Personal vehicle travel may be reimbursed at a rate of $0.25 per mile.
    3. Guests who live close to Williamsburg (i.e. closer than Richmond or Norfolk) will not be reimbursed for their minor travel to and from Williamsburg.

      Non-travel daily expenses such as lodging shall be reimbursed at a preset per diem rate, as determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s standard per diem rate for James City County which can be found here:

If you are denied funding and you believe an error has occurred, you may appeal your denial to the Finance Committee. It is recommended that a representative from your group and appear in person to explain your appeal and illustrate the error in the Committee’s prior decision. Any organization whose request is not met in whole or in part will be given the reasons for this action.

  • Prior to your appeal hearing, it is highly recommended that you contact the Chair of Finance or another designated member of the Committee to discuss the request denial and any errors that you believed occurred.
  • The guidelines listed above apply to Activities and Events Requests. Bills introduced on the Senate floor follow different restrictions and guidelines.
  • Events falling outside the purview of these guidelines are subject to interpretation by the Finance and Budget Committee.

If you have questions please contact:

Financial Operations Specialist
Campus Center 2nd Floor
Phone: (757)221-3300