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On-Campus Fundraising

Please note the University Solicitation, Distribution, and Sale Policy:

"Except by written approval, solicitation, sale of goods, and or distribution of items or materials on campus or in residence halls is prohibited. Approval for solicitation, distribution, or sale of goods by students, student groups, and non-students must be obtained through the Director of the Office of Student Leadership Development.  Non-students who violate this policy are subject to legal prosecution. The penalty for violating this policy shall not be less than warning nor greater than suspension."

All fundraising activity must be indicated on a Facility Request form. Approval (or denial) will be sent via email correspondence accompanying your confirmation for use of space. Keep in mind these points as you are conducting your event:

  • Anytime you are participating in a fund-raiser that involves the sale of items, you must sell from a central and reserved location (an example would be the Sadler Center Lobby). To reserve such space you must fill out a Facility/Space Request Form at the Scheduling Office.
  • You may not sell any items door-to-door in the residence halls.
  • Please remember when advertising your event to comply with the posting regulations.
  • Food items must be individually wrapped beforehand.
  • You must comply with licensing agreements for the use of the College's name & logos.
  • Selling of raffle tickets for prizes that include alcoholic beverages are prohibited under state law.
  • The sponsoring organization and the purpose of the fund-raising activity must be readably visible or explained.
  • Organizations that conduct fundraising to benefit a philanthropy must have received authorization from that organization to raise funds on their behalf. An accounting of funds collected including the activity cost must be maintained for review.
Off-Campus (Private) Fundraising

The following are guidelines which govern how requests for private fund raising from student groups will be considered, as well as how such funds must be maintained and recorded. Private fundraisers encompass non-college individuals, corporations, and alumni.

  • All student organizations (including sports clubs) who desire to participate in solicitation for private support must submit a detailed written proposal to the Office of Student Leadership Development . All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated, and a recommendation will be made to the Director of Student Leadership Development as to which efforts should be carried forward to the Director of Development.
  • The College's goal in assisting student groups with fundraising is to ensure fairness, to reduce the proliferation of fundraising solicitations which may be in competition with other institutional initiatives, and to ensure proper gift crediting.
  • As a rule of thumb, all student groups will be permitted to solicit the parents of current team or organization members after notice and clearance by the Office of Development's Annual Support staff following the recommendation of the Director of Student Leadership Development on the organization's behalf.
  • All solicitations for private funding must be coordinated through the Office of Development. Gifts received must be placed in a college account, accounted for, and properly receipted y the College Development Office. Purchasing must conform to state procurement guidelines. Property purchased using private funds must come under inventory control, will be understood to be the College's property, and may not be transferred or sold, except in accordance with State guidelines.