How to Start a Recognized Student Organization

To establish a new undergraduate Recognized Student Organization (RSO), you must first attend an information session (offered a minimum of five times a semester) and submit an application for recognition. Check the announcement page or the events calendar for information session dates.  All groups seeking recognition must have on record a minimum of five interested students (enrolled, full-time at the College) as well as a completed proposed constitution.  Students must also submit a draft constitution and schedule a meeting for review and feedback BEFORE scheduling your SORC hearing.  Please use the sample constitution template (pdf)/sample constitution template (word) to draft your constitution.

Once submitted, your application and proposed constitution will be reviewed by the Student Organization Recognition Committee (SORC), which meets at least once a month between September and April.  You will be asked to appear before the committee to present your application and rationale, demonstrate familiarity with university policies, and to answer questions from the committee.  After the presentation, SORC will make a recommendation to the Director of Student Leadership Development on the proposed recognition.  The Office of Student Leadership Development will provide final notification to the group on status of the application via email.

To reactivate a dormant but previously recognized organization, contact Anne Arseneau, Director of Student Leadership Development at (757)221-3300 or [[leadership]].

Graduate groups seeking recognition should contact the governing student body of their individual school (Graduate Education Association, Graduate Student Association Arts and Sciences or Master of Business Association, School of Marine Science Graduate Association or Student Bar Association).

Student Organization Recognition Process Step-by-Step

Student Organization Recognition Committee Composition

The Student Organization Recognition Committee consists of 7-9 enrolled, full-time students nominated by the Student Assembly and the Office of Student Leadership Development.  The Associate Director of Student Leadership Development (or her designee) will serve as a non-voting member of the group.