William & Mary

Religious Organizations

Agape Christian Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|agape]]
Purpose: The purpose of this fellowship is to help people encounter and build a strong, foundational, and personal relationship with Christ, to establish oneness with the Church as a whole, and to be an impact in the world for His glory (worshiping and reaching out).

Balfour Hillel at the College of William & Mary
Religious Organizations
Email: wmhillel@gmail.com
Purpose: Hillel is the tight-knit Jewish Student Organization of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. We have Shabbat services and dinner every Friday night, events for the holidays, and a wide variety of social events, service projects, and Israel-related programs to get involved in.
Website: {{http://wmhillel.org}}

Baptist Collegiate Ministries
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|baptist]]
Purpose: To grow in the Christian faith through Family Group Bible studies and larger group programs on Sunday evenings. "Stained Glass," a creative ministry of choir, drama and handbells, gives opportunities to use one's talents in worship services. Other opportunities are available to minister to the needs of others in the community through missions projects in the Williamsburg area.

Campus Crusade for Christ
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|campuscrusade]]
Purpose: Campus crusade is a Christian campus organization. We want to provide an environment that allows for learning about God and Christianity, where people can experience community and grow in leadership.
Website: {{http://www.tidewatercru.org}}

Canterbury Association
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|canterbury]]
Purpose: Provide a witness to the Christian faith within the tradition of the Episcopal Church through spiritual, social and liturgical services; builds among the students, faculty, and administrators at the College, a community of sharing, support and prayer based on the Christian faith; and provides for the spiritual growth and nurturing of all persons within the College community.
Website: {{http://wmcanterbury.wix.com/wmcanterbury}}

Catholic Campus Ministry
Religious Organizations
Purpose: We are a Eucharistic community striving to be living witnesses of our faith as Christians within the Catholic tradition through our spiritual, social, and service traditions, coming together to provide an atmosphere whereby members of the William & Mary community may explore, celebrate, and proclaim their faith.
Website: {{https://www.wmccm.org}}
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/ccm1693}}

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|chialpha]]
Purpose: Promote the spiritual life of students by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship, prayer, service and witness which will accomplish this end.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/chialpha}}

Christian Science Organization
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|christianscience]]
Purpose: An organization that provides a place and time for Christian Scientists and those interested in learning about Christian Science to meet and have fellowship. Meetings consist of readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, testimonies concerning Christian Science, and discussion of current issues on campus and throughout the world.

Greek Intervarsity
Religious Group
Purpose: We are an open-minded small group of students involved in different Greek Life organizations on Campus but have one commonality: to be followers of Christ. We discuss the Word of God and aspire to be positive influences on our Greek institutions. We each go back to our respective chapters to be leaders in those individual Bible Studies.

Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|ifaith]]
Purpose: Our purpose is to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding among students of diverse religious backgrounds in order to work for the common good.
Website:: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/ifaith/about}}
Facebook:: {{http://www.facebook.com/wmifaith?ref=hl}}

Insight Student Ministries
Religious Group
Email: [[e|insight]]
Purpose: Here at Insight we value our relationship with Jesus Christ over all relationships we have or will ever have. With that said, Insight is a way to connect with Jesus in a whole new way and to gain relationship with other like-minded students who also believe in Jesus as Lord! But it’s not just for those who “know” Jesus, but for those who are wanting their lives to filled with peace and comfort, wisdom and love. We’d really like to get to know you and you have questions about the Bible or about Jesus! In other words…we are here for you and to “walk” with you through your time here at William & Mary.

Interfaith Council
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|interfaith]]
Purpose: A group whose goal is to increase awareness of religious organizations on campus and foster cooperation between those organizations

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|intervarsity]]
Purpose: An organization which seeks to provide Christian fellowship from many denominations through weekly large group meetings and dorm Bible studies. Special events currently planned include fall, spring, and end-of-year conferences.
Website: {{http://www.wmintervarsity.com/}}
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/IVCF.WM}}

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|ldssa]]
Purpose: We are an organization that helps student members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints balance their academic, social, cultural, and religious education. We also motivate LDS students to become an influence for good on the William & Mary campus, and encourage them to reach out to other LDS students so that all may be closely affiliated with the church while on campus
webssite: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/ldssa/home}}

Lutheran Student Association
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|lutheran]]
Purpose: A fellowship of Christian students, graduate and undergraduate, affiliated with St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Regular activities, including dinner, are held on Sunday nights. Bible study, prayer group, social outreach, ecumenical events, and congregational activities are held throughout the week.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/lsa}}

Muslim Student Association
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|muslim]]
Purpose: An organization whose purpose is to introduce the community to and familiarize it with the Islamic culture and to offer an opportunity for the Muslims on campus to meet and express their thoughts and views in a creative manner. Services include Friday (congregational) prayers, speakers, films, presentations and inter and intra-club activities.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/muslim}}

Reformed University Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|reformed]]
Purpose: A ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America affiliated with Reformed University Ministries
Website: {{http://www.wm.ruf.org}}

Tribe Fellowship
Religious Group
Email: college@wcchapel.org
Website: {{http://wcchapel.org/college}}

Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|generationchurch]]
Purpose: Generation Church is the student ministry of Christian Life Center, a local nondenominational church. Its purpose is to provide positive fellowship, facilitate spiritual growth, and impact those in the campus community through the gospel.
Facebook: {{http://www.facebook.com/pages/Generation-Church/149785928393217}}

Unitarian Universalist Circle
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|unitarian]]
Purpose: Promote fellowship and the principles of Unitarian Universalism, provides support, and is an outlet for social action and discussion for Unitarian Universalist students.
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/unitarian/home}}

Wesley Foundation
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|wesley]]
Purpose: Offer a comprehensive program of Bible study, Sunday evening activities, music, intramurals, worship, social gatherings, support groups and service.
Website: {{http://www.wmwesley.org}}

Westminster Fellowship
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|westminster]]
Purpose: An organization for college students sponsored by the Presbyterian Church that provides a witness to the Christian faith through options for worship, education, fellowship, retreats, music, and adopted parent program, the availability of church activities and spaces as well as pastoral support.
Website: {{http://www.wm.edu/so/wesfel}}

Young Life Leadership
Religious Organizations
Email: [[e|younglife]]
Purpose: An organization that proclaims in word and deed the Person and work of Jesus Christ to the adolescent community by any means God directs. The Leadership group involves college students committed to Christ, who establish personal, unconditional friendships with young people as essential in the proclamation of the Gospel.