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Student Organization Guidelines


To ensure the health and safety of individuals and the collective W&M community, Recognized Student Organization (RSO) activities will continue to operate with limited scope that promotes Healthy Together Community Commitments during the spring 2021 semester. These are the established guidelines and expectations. Exceptions to these guidelines may be made by the sponsoring university department. As conditions change, these are subject to review and change throughout the semester.

Specific Guidelines for the Activities of Recognized Student Organizations:
  • A moratorium on all IN-PERSON RSO Events and Activities will be in effect between the time residence halls open and the start of in-person classes (Definitions of these types of gatherings are included below.)
  • In-Person RSO Events and Activities must have an Event/Activity plan in place that ensures safety for members and participants.
  • RSOs will be responsible for tracking attendance at all in-person Events and Activities (TribeLink and Mobile Check In are the recommended tools). Tracking through TribeLink will be required for space reserved through SUE Events.
  • Physical Distancing of 6-feet between participants must be maintained.
  • Facial coverings must be worn at all times.
  • No food or alcohol may be served, provided, or consumed at RSO Events or Activities.
  • RSO Travel: RSO travel to represent the student organization in off-campus Events or Activities is prohibited through the semester.
    • Under limited conditions, RSO activity may require transportation to engage in the essential business of the organization within a designated mileage limit of 30 miles. Carpooling is not allowed and use of university vehicles is allowed only if approved by the department with oversight for the vehicle.
    • SLD/Student Assembly vehicles will not be available for use. Campus Recreation vehicles will only be available for Campus Recreation sponsored activities.

RSO Meetings: Meetings are defined as recurring/repeating membership only gatherings where the business of the organization is conducted.

  • All RSO should conduct MEETINGS virtually in the Spring semester.

RSO Events: Events are defined as in-person gatherings that are essential to the organization in order to pursue the mission of the group. These events are restricted to members of the W&M community (no guests, including in person invited speakers/performers) for the Spring semester.

  • RSO’s will be eligible to host up to one EVENT (with in-person participation) per 30 day period. 
  • Maximum in-person attendance at the event will be the capacity of the space per university distancing guidelines and/or W&M OR Commonwealth of Virginia directives (whichever is less).
  • RSO Events will only be permitted in the following spaces and under these conditions:
    • A reservation with SUE Events for Sadler/Campus Center space OR outdoor space.
    • A reservation for space NOT under the oversight of Student Unions & Engagement (Miller; Law School, Rec Center, Kaplan, etc.) that has been approved for RSO use will be under the supervision/direction of the department responsible for the space.
    • In general, the use of traditional classroom spaces will not be available for reservation/use by RSO’s as we start the Spring 2021 semester.
  • The above parameters apply to events where participants gather in person. Organizations may host unlimited virtual events.

RSO Activities: Activities are defined as in-person recurring/repeating membership only gatherings where the business of the organization that CANNOT take place virtually is conducted (ex: practice, rehearsal, etc.)

  • RSO’s will be eligible to host up to two ACTIVITIES with in-person participation per 30 day period through May 2021.
  • Space use conditions, attendance and capacity guidelines as defined in RSO Events (above) apply.

 Updated January 10, 2021. These guidelines are subject to update as the university navigates the spring semester.