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On-Line Event Management Training Course

Contact:  [[e|aharse, Anne Arseneau]]


Take the On-Line Event Management Training Course to become approved as an Event Manager/Server

Full Description

Individuals who complete the TiPS Training Course have completed Step 1 (of 2) of the requirements to become either an Event Manager or Server at a student event with alcohol.  Step 2 (of 2) is completion the Blackboard On-Line Event Management Training Course.  Completion of the on-line Event Management Training Course covers W&M alcohol policy and must be completed in each academic year by individuals who will be Event Managers or Servers at student events with alcohol.  Eligible students (who have completed the TiPS Training during their W&M tenure) will be automatically enrolled in the Blackboard Course.

The course consists of a 24 minute powerpoint recorded presentation and a proficiency quiz. You must complete the assessment with a score of 100% to meet the training requirement and you may take the assessment as many times as needed to reach 100% proficiency (150 points out of a possible 150 points).  Grades are recorded in a course grade book.  You do not need to email your assessment score to Student Leadership Development.

If the Blackboard Course does not show up automatically for you, please contact leadership@wm.edu and we will enroll you in the course directly.

Information about the W&M Alcohol Policy can be found in the Student Handbook: Appendix V. Events Where Alcoholic Beverages are Served