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Elevating Your Personal Best

URL:  https://www.wm.edu/offices/studentleadershipdevelopment/leadership/leadershipprograms/elevatingpersonalbest/index.php
Contact:  [[leadership, Student Leadership Development]]


Interested in learning more about your personal strengths and how to use them in your leadership roles? Are you working with a team of leaders and want to know more about how to leverage each other’s strengths to be the most effective leadership team? Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition is the workshop for you!

Full Description

Through “Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition” Student Leadership Development will help you learn more about yourself so that you can articulate your own personal strengths and how you use them in your leadership and involvement.   This leadership development initiative will offer participants a highly personalized opportunity for self-assessment, personal reflection, coaching, and action planning through the very popular StrengthsQuest online instrument by Gallup.

This is also a great workshop for leadership teams to better understand the individual strengths of the members and how to best leverage the strengths of the individuals to advance the shared goals of the team. In order for a leadership team to participate in this additional component of the workshop, at least 3 members must participate in the overall program. 

To learn more about Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition, visit https://www.wm.edu/offices/studentleadershipdevelopment/leadership/leadershipprograms/elevatingpersonalbest/index.php