Support & Advocacy

Academic Support

The Center for Student Diversity is committed to assisting students in meeting all of their academic goals. We work closely with other academic and administrative departments, including the Academic Advising Office and the Dean of Students Office, in order to provide students with the appropriate support and direction needed as they navigate their academic journey.  Through individual meetings and group programs, we help students with strategies for improving academic performance and knowing campus resources and how to utilize them.

Personal Support
CSD staff are here to support students with all the challenges that life sends our way. We regularly meet and talk with students about a wide range of personal concerns such as difficulty connecting and finding community on campus, roommate issues, family difficulties, financial concerns, self  confidence, personal faith, self identity, academic struggles, mental health concerns, relationship difficulties, and more. We are here to listen and be a source of support, as well as to connect students to other campus and community resources as appropriate.

Student Advocacy

Staff in the Center for Student Diversity work with students, other departments around campus, college committees and task forces, and other partners to ensure our campus policies, programs, and services are inclusive and responsive to the needs and concerns of our diverse student body.

Discrimination and Harassment Response
All students have the right to feel supported and respected in our community. The Center for Student Diversity works closely with the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Compliance and Equity Office to educate about, prevent, and respond to instances of discrimination and harassment. Any student who has experienced harassment or discrimination in any form is encouraged to contact the CSD or one of these offices for support and assistance.