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Preparing for Life as a University Student (PLUS)

Looking for something exciting and fun to do this summer? Apply to the PLUS program.

PLUS provides a supportive (online) introduction to academic life at William & Mary, providing participants with the opportunity to interact with some of our most distinguished faculty members here at William & Mary. During the PLUS Program, students will engage in mock class sessions, while also gaining invaluable insight from professors and current students about being holistically successful at the university. Participants will also be provided the opportunity to become familiar with numerous campus resources, including the Dean of Students Office, Academic Advising, and the W&M Washington Center. 

PLUS also provides a great opportunity to meet other incoming and current William & Mary students, beginning that all-important process of networking and community-building. PLUS is sponsored by the university. Therefore, your decision to attend William & Mary provides you the opportunity to participate in the program.

Due to ongoing social distancing recommendations related to COVID-19, this program will shift from an in-person to a virtual program for summer 2021 with the hopes to have an in-person retreat in the Fall. We will engage in scheduled video conferences and presentations that will give students an opportunity to talk with relevant campus faculty and staff and get to know each other.


PLUS Schedule Highlights
  •  Class Sessions
  •  Evening Activities
  •  Group Sessions w/ PLUS Counselors
  •  Introduction to the Center for Student Diversity
  •  Introduction to Undergraduate research opportunities
  •  Panel Discussions w/ current W&M students
  •  Presentations about campus resources
  •  Workshops
PLUS 2021 Dates:

Sunday, July 11th – Friday, July 16th (VIRTUAL)

Deadline to Apply:

Monday, May 31, 2021

More Information

[[svowens, Shené V. Owens]]
Associate Director / PLUS Coordinator
Facebook: @wmPLUScsd