Apply to be a SEED Dialogue Facilitator

Position Overview

Each SEED Dialogue focuses on a particular diversity topic or social justice issue.  SEED Dialogue Facilitator is an advanced leadership role, which requires a depth of knowledge on particular dimensions of identity (such as gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, national origin, ability/disability, religion, etc) as well as knowledge about the dynamics of privilege and oppression.

Dialogue facilitators are paired with another facilitator to design and co-lead one multiple session dialogue per semester.  A facilitator’s role includes attending training workshops, attending weekly team meetings, developing the content for each dialogue with your co-facilitator, and managing communication with dialogue participants. We estimate that the time commitment for facilitators is about 5 hours a week.

Minimum Qualifications for this Position
  • An understanding of the goals of the program (described here) and the expectations outlined below
  • Students with sophomore, junior, or senior standing for the upcoming academic year
  • Commitment to supporting the mission of the Center for Student Diversity and ability to serve as an ambassador for the Center and our programs
  • Willingness to prioritize this role and ability to manage your time consciously to meet your commitment to the program (expectations outlined below)
  • Dependable, organized, professional, attentive to detail, good follow through on commitments
  • Overall good communication skills and ability to guide open and inclusive conversations on the dialogue topic
  • Self-awareness about how your identity, culture and background have shaped your life and perspectives
  • An understanding of diversity beyond your own personal experience as well as knowledge about the dynamics of privilege and oppression.
What We are Looking for in Dialogue Facilitators

We’re looking for people who are a good fit for facilitating in-depth discussions about social identities and issues pertaining to social justice.  The list of traits and characteristics below are important to be successful in this role.  A facilitator does not have to be an expert on the topic of discussion, but must be well prepared to guide the group process.  Facilitators will also have support and guidance of team members and the program supervisor throughout the process. 

  • Traits that help others relate to you and trust you as a group leader, such as openness, impartiality, supportive, encouraging
  • Ability to work collaboratively with different personalities and styles
  • Ability to model openness, curiosity, and caring in order to establish an environment that encourages meaningful sharing and exchange
  • Willingness to both support and appropriately challenge others in a learning process
  • Thoughtful approach to communication:  active listening, a sense for group dynamics, and mindfulness about what you say and the impact of your communication on others
  • Comfortable talking about sensitive or difficult topics where people may disagree and ability to be neutral in a discussion with multiple perspectives
  • Understanding of dynamics of social privilege and social justice
  • A learning mindset:  interest in deepening your understanding of yourself, others, and the social systems that relate to diversity, and an interest in developing your skills in this role
  • A reflective mindset:  interest in exploring how identity, culture and background have influenced the experiences and perspectives of yourself and others
What We Require of Dialogue Facilitators

If selected to be a SEED Dialogue Facilitator, you will need to be able to meet the following expectations:

  1. Attend 1 MANDATORY training workshop: on Sunday, March 19, from 3 - 6 pm
  2. Participate in 2 MANDATORY one-hour small group meet-ups, to be scheduled based on participant availability
  3. Attend a MANDATORY individual meeting with the program supervisor after training in the spring semester
  4. Maintain email contact periodically over the summer to receive and provide information
  5. Read resource materials provided over the summer in preparation for the fall
  6. Attend MANDATORY training near the beginning of fall semester
  7. Collaborate with a co-facilitator to plan and lead one multi-session dialogue each semester
  8. Attend weekly team meetings
  9. Attend on-going periodic training
  10. Use your W&M email address for ALL communication related to this program
  11. Inform the program supervisor of any concerns or problems in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position
  12. Assist with the evaluation of the dialogues
  13. Provide feedback about your experience for the improvement of the program
  14. Represent the Center for Student Diversity in a professional and appropriate manner
  15. Maintain confidentiality regarding any personal or sensitive information shared with you in your role by students, other program staff, and program coordinators.
Application Process
  • Complete and submit the online application. Applications received by the priority deadline of Thursday, February 23 at noon will receive first consideration.  Applications will remain open until our team is complete.
  • Participate in an interview.
  • NOTE: Because of the timing of the application deadline and the interview process, we may be attempting to contact you over spring break. Please check your W&M email during break.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Selected applicants MUST attend 1 MANDATORY training workshop: on Sunday, March 19, from 3 - 6 pm

We strongly recommend that you reserve these times on your calendar at the time of your application in the event that you are selected.  MANDATORY means you MUST attend the entire training. The only exceptions would be for illness, emergency, or other significant occurrence outside your control.  We expect that you will prioritize training over any elective activities such as organization events, study time, or other activities.

Please direct any questions to Vernon J. Hurte, Director, Center for Student Diversity, 757-221-2301 or [[vjhurt,]]

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