Submit Literary Work

William & Mary students with sophomore, junior, or senior standing for the upcoming year are invited to submit creative literary work on topics of diversity, identity, and community for consideration for inclusion in the “One Tribe, Many Stories” orientation session for new students.

Submission Period for 2016-2017 Performances: March 14 - March 31, 2016

Please Note:

  • Submitting work does not automatically make you a performer.  
  • You can submit without also performing.
  • You can indicate if you wish to perform in the submission form, but you must apply separately to perform, using the performer application.
  • Accepted works may be edited for length and presentation.

Contact [[jdpatton, Roxie Patton]], Asssociate Director, Center for Student Diversity, for more information or with questions.

  • Submissions may be in the form of poetry, spoken word, monologues/dialogues/ensembles, personal essays, or other formats that can be shaped for theatrical presentation
  • Length of pieces should generally be in the range of 4 minutes or less when performed
Submission Topics:
  • Work submitted should explore the themes of diversity, liberation, identity, and/or community, broadly defined.
  • We seek submissions that portray personal experience or reflection related to:
    • one's own background, culture, identity, heritage or experience, or
    • interacting with or learning about others of differing backgrounds, cultures, identities, heritages or experiences
  • Examples of topics could include (but are not limited to):  
Ability/disability (invisible, cognitive, learning, emotional, psychological) Adoption or foster care Body image
Biracial/multiracial identity Citizenship Cultural differences
First generation college student Gender  (roles, norms, experiences, etc) Gender identity or expression
Homelessness Military experience/life in a military family Nationality
Neurodiversity Out of state student Privilege and oppression
Race and ethnicity Religion Rural, suburban, or urban life
Sexual orientation Socioeconomic status Stereotypes
Third Culture Kids
Considerations for Selection:

Submissions will be reviewed with the following considerations in mind.  Dependent on the approach of an individual piece, not every sub-criterion will necessarily apply (as noted below).

Relevance to Audience & Context
  • Does the piece support the purpose of the performance?
  • Is the piece suitable to the context of introiducing new students into the community?
  • If Applicable:  Does the piece support or affirm under-represented or invisible experiences or identities?
  • If Applicable:  Does the piece avoid making assumptions or generalizing about, trivializing, discounting, misrepresenting or attacking the experiences of other groups, identities, or points of view?
Clarity & Artistic Merit
  • Is the length appropriate for the event? Is the author open to revision and editing for length?
  • Is the piece cohesive?  Does it have a clear point or purpose? (Or does it ramble or attempt to cover too many topics?)
  • Is the piece understandable without additional explanation or discussion?
Depth & Accessibility
  • Does the piece go beyond simple narrative to be reflective about and draw meaning from the experience it presents?
  • If Applicable:  Does the piece successfully interrogate or deconstruct societal constructs related to diversity and identity (such as stereotypes, gender norms, race, the meaning of identity language, etc)?
  • Does the piece focus on speaking from one’s own lived experience?  (Rather than relying on opinion, or portraying or critiquing others’ experiences or identities?)
  • Is the piece likely to prompt others to think about what it presents?
  • Does the piece challenge students’ thinking in a way that promotes further reflection? 
  • If Applicable:  Does the piece create useful tension? 
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