Inside Out Theater

Inside Out Theater is a performance ensemble of students who bring the diverse experiences of William & Mary students to the stage through theatre, dance, and spoken word.

As new students begin to experience the Tribe Community during orientation, Inside Out Theater introduces the rich range of experiences, voices and stories within the William & Mary family.  Using poems and short monologues written by William & Mary students along with selections from published works, "One Tribe, Many Stories" inspires new students to know that there is a place for them in our community.  This performance empowers students to share their stories so that others may feel empowered and welcomed. We also challenges them to engage and learn from the many stories, experiences and perspectives they will encounter as a member of the Tribe.

Throughout the year, our Inside Out Theatre troupe will be creating, polishing, and performing new works. Students will work with the Associate Director and develop skills in storytelling, acting, improvisation, spoken word, and vocal empowerment. The Inside Out Theatre troupe will work with innovative and exciting techniques to tell the stories of marginalized people and challenge norms and expectations.

Returning students can submit their work to be part of "One Tribe, Many Stories" and all students can apply to be part of the Inside Out Theater cast.