Education, Exchange & Dialogue

Learning about and from each other is diversity in action.  At William & Mary, we believe that engaging with diversity is a critical component of a complete college education.  Engaging with diversity means going beyond the surface to understand the circumstances, environments, and life events that have shaped who we are.

Our programs encompass many aspects of diversity, and is particularly focused on those differences in identity that impact our social experiences.  In other words, differences that play out for entire groups of people, not just individuals, and that impact our social status and access to resources.

The Center for Student Diversity offers workshops, discussions, dialogues, and other experiences that build community through:

  • breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes
  • promoting exchange and dialogue between individuals of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives
  • encouraging learning from and about differences in people, cultures, and the global community

Students can be an active part of our efforts through writing and performing creative work, helping develop and lead workshops, facilitating dialogues, and creating media campaigns that raise awareness around diversity and social justice topics. Our Peer Educators are a critical part of building awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and identities, and the inter-connected relationships among all of us.