Essential First-Year Initiatives Diversity Workshop

In collaboration with the Office of First Year Experience, the Center for Student Diversity offers an Essential FYI workshop for first-year students.  This workshop is led by upper-class Diversity Peer Educators, who engage students in an interactive discussion of diversity.

As a one-hour workshop, the EFYI workshop is designed to be an introduction to diversity in the William & Mary community that encourages students to both learn from, and set standards of respect for, one another.

The EFYI diversity workshop builds on the "One Tribe, Many Stories" performance held during new student orientation in August.  Using an interactive format with activities and discussion, the workshop offers students an opportunity to learn about and from each other.  Our activities are designed in part to encourage and support students in sharing the facets of their identities and experiences that shape who they are, as well as to reflect on their perceptions of others.  Through deepening our understanding of others in our community, we strive to have students develop a common set of expectations about how they want to interact with each other, leaving behind disrespectful stereotypes, judgments, and language.