Ally Program

The purpose of a campus Ally Program is to foster an inclusive campus environment that is responsive to the needs of our diverse community.  An Ally Program provides opportunities to learn about the needs and concerns of underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized groups, and how each of us can take steps in our daily lives to create a more welcoming, respectful and supportive community.

William & Mary's Ally Program will offer workshops for students, faculty and staff to learn about strategies for being allies in a variety of contexts.

History of the Program

The Ally Program is an evolution of the Safe Zone Program, which began in 1998, and was originally modeled after the Virginia Association of College and University Housing Officer's (VACUHO) "Safe Zone Virginia" project, an effort to "enhance the campus climates in the state of Virginia concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, and ally issues."  

In 2016, we began considering how to build on the successful Safe Zone model to add components addressing the need for visible education and support for other marginalized populations.