Who We Serve

As a department within the Division of Student Affairs, the Center for Student Diversity focuses on serving students.   

The Center for Student Diversity's programs, events, and activities are open to all students.  Every student contributes to and can learn from the diversity of our campus community.

One portion of our mission is focused on providing academic, social, and transition support for underserved and underrepresented students.  In this regard, we maintain a particular focus on students of color; students who identify with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender spectrum; and students who practice minority religious and faith traditions.

Beyond this focus, we are committed to an expansive view of diversity -- one that embraces the multitude of experiences that impact our sense of ourselves and our place in the world.  As time and resources allow, we collaborate with campus partners to provide support and education about a wide array of topics that generally fall within the umbrella of diversity, such as ability status, socioeconomic status, cultural differences, neurodiversity, national origin, and more.  

A second major portion of our mission is to promote exchange and dialogue between individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities. We welcome all students to be part of campus conversations that build understanding, civility and respect across differences.

In addition to providing services and programs directly to students, we may also provide training and educational opportunities for faculty and staff specifically to support and enhance their knowledge of working with diverse students.