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Our Mission

Our Vision

The Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation inspires and catalyzes the development of transformative teaching and learning experiences. We work together with courage, positive intent, and grace to sustain an inclusive and vibrant learning community for faculty, students, and staff across the university.

Our Mission
  • connecting with and leading educators at all career stages and with all types of appointments, including students with teaching roles, from across the university
  • functioning as a connector and hub, coordinating and collaborating across the university for opportunities that support student learning
  • serving as an incubator for academic innovation efforts that encompass multiple units to further the academic mission of the university
  • offering learning opportunities through a variety of programs, observations, online resources, and individual/program consultations
  • supporting communities of practice, at William & Mary and beyond, to explore new possibilities for teaching and learning
  • serving as a repository for resources, materials, and case studies of teaching and learning
  • embracing students’ perspectives, including them as consultants and collaborators
  • recognizing and elevating the experience and expertise within our community as well as inviting in outside experts to support our efforts

We have also identified five broad categories of experiences and services that we may provide to any W&M community member with some teaching role (faculty, undergraduate/graduate students with teaching responsibilities, and other learning partners). 

  • Communities of Practice bring together existing and emergent groups of faculty, students, and staff to work together to solve a problem of practice or explore new ideas.
  • Institutes & Professional Development provide structured learning experiences, both in-person and online, to develop skills and expertise in a focused area.
  • Consultations & Partnerships are conversations, consultations, or feedback opportunities designed to assist in identified areas of need or interest.
  • Academic Innovation Projects provide a system and supports to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Resources and Supports are available in the form of online resources as well as through in-person learning opportunities.