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Blended Learning @ W&M

What is the Blended Learning @ W&M course about?

The Blended Learning @ W&M course is designed to help you to develop an understanding of blended teaching and learning to empower you to create a flexible, effective course for the fall semester. Specifically, you will explore different blended teaching and learning strategies that can be adapted to the particular modality you’ll be utilizing this fall, engage with learning materials, work through exercises, and develop a course plan that will be flexible should conditions change with the pandemic. While there are references to digital tools and resources that support different teaching and learning activities, the focus is primarily on blended learning course design and teaching methods. 

Who is the course for?

You can benefit from the course if you’ve had some experience with online or blended learning, but it is designed primarily for instructors who are new to this approach and methods. For those that are more experienced, you may just wish to explore topics and materials as needed. For those with less experience, we strongly recommend that you work through each course activity and experience as well as engage with other instructors through discussion board activities and synchronous Zoom sessions. The course does not assume any specific prior knowledge related to blended learning, although some technology experience is helpful in implementing online elements of your course design.

What can I expect to learn?

The course is divided into four modules with an additional optional resources to explore:

  • Module 1: Blended Learning: Designing for Flexibility
  • Module 2:  Course Mapping for Blended, Flexible Learning
  • Module 3: Designing Effective Blended Learning Experiences
  • Module 4: Designing for a Positive Student Experience
  • Optional Resources
How does it work?

You can work through the course individually at your own pace. However, we encourage you to consider joining a group to work through the materials with instructors teaching in similar contexts. There will be seven groups to choose from, based on your own teaching context:

  • Large classes in predominantly asynchronous modality
  • Large classes in predominantly synchronous modality
  • Discussion-based courses in predominantly asynchronous modality
  • Discussion-based courses in predominantly synchronous modality
  • Experiential courses (labs)
  • Experiential courses (arts and performance)
  • Language instruction courses 

If you opt into one or more of these groups, you can connect with other instructors through asynchronous discussion boards as well as optional synchronous Zoom sessions. Each group will offer facilitators (STLI staff members, other co-educators from around W&M, and the STLI Teaching Innovation Fellows) with expertise in the teaching modality for the group.

Once you determine how you wish to participate, you enroll in the Blackboard course and can begin working through the material at your own pace. 

What’s in it for me?

For participants who complete all course activities, you will receive a certificate of completion as well as an opportunity to request relevant technology equipment and student support to provide some assistance with developing educational media, facilitating synchronous Zoom sessions, and troubleshooting issues with asynchronous teaching approaches. Once you complete the course, you will have an opportunity to request equipment and/or student support on a first-come, first-served basis.