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Language Proficiency Placement Exam

You must take the summer language placement test by the deadline only if:

  • You wish to continue studying a modern language (Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, or Russian) and you have not taken a standardized exam (AP, SATII, IB, CLEP)
  • You plan to register for a modern language course higher than 101 or 103 during the initial summer registration window

Read more about language placement for credit in Modern Languages and how to sign-up for a summer language placement test through Blackboard on the MDLL webpage.

Important Note! If you do not take the placement test by the summer deadline and you want to add upper-level modern language courses during the orientation registration window or during the academic year, you must contact the language program coordinator to have the test results graded.

About the Foreign Language Requirement

All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a natural language other than English. If you've already satisfied this requirement, there's no need to repeat the same coursework. Foreign language proficiencies are reviewed throughout the summer and updated weekly; check back if your proficiency fulfillment is not yet noted in DegreeWorks.

Consult the Foreign Language Proficiency webpage for more information on this requirement.