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Curiosity. Critical Thinking. Compassion.

As you prepare to join the William & Mary community, all new students should complete Lessons 1 - 4* of Perspectives, an online education platform developed by the Constructive Dialogue Institute

On August 3, an access code will be sent to your email address - which is accessible through Office 365Together we will begin exploring the inner workings of the mind to gain the mindset and skill set needed to engage in constructive conversations and make connections across differences.  

Constructive dialogue is a form of conversation in which people who have different values, beliefs, and perspectives seek to build new ways to understand and interact with each other, even as they sustain commitments to their own principles and perspectives. The format is ideal for discussing important, complicated issues that can divide people.

Accessing the Program

You are encouraged to complete Perspectives in multiple sittings. Use the link below to learn more about and access the program. You can return to the course each time using your created credentials.

Learn more & Access Perspectives

Get Help!

Connect with [[w|CDI, W&M's Constructive Dialogue Institute Support Team]]

*Lessons 5 - 8 will be completed as part of STEP's Find Your Experience program.