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Health & Wellness

Be well.

Health & Wellness is here to support a flourishing first year, and beyond. The wellbeing of our campus community starts with you.

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A collapsible chart outlining the offerings of the Health & Wellness Thematic Area.
Campus Recreation

Connect with your physical and social wellbeing through recreation. Options range from Fitwell Classes to forest explorations with the Tribe Adventure Program. With over forty Sport Clubs, there is something for you.

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Counseling Center

Supporting your emotional and mental wellbeing, the W&M Counseling Center offers a variety of supportive workshops as well as individual and group services.

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Health Promotion

Supporting your intellectual wellbeing in and out of the classroom, the Office of Health Promotion develops a culture of healthy behavior by teaching evidence-informed practices.

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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is your on-campus clinic, providing a range of services to support your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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And explore our Virtual Health & Wellness resources, too! We have lots of articles, on-demand videos and live online events just for you.

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Find opportunities and information provided by Campus Recreation, the Counseling Center, Health Promotion and the Health Center. Register for fitness and wellness classes, health coaching, mindfulness, outdoor trips, sport clubs and intramurals.