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Plan & Prepare

Step 1: Send W&M Any Transcripts and AP/IB scores.

Make sure you send the final copies of any college/university transcripts and AP/IB scores to the University Registrar's office. Final high school transcripts should be mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Step 2: Complete the New Student Inventory (due June 1)

Complete the New Student Inventory. This will inform how you are matched with a pre-major faculty advisor who will assist you with advising and the registration process starting in August until you declare a major.

Step 3: Begin College Studies (opens June 1)
  • Transfer Students: Part 1 due June 22 (Peer Advisors available 6/12 - 7/31)
  • Class of 2027 Students: Part 1 due July 7 (Peer Advisors available 6/26 - 7/31)
  • All Students: Part 2 due July 31 (Library Staff available to assist)

The College Studies online advising module is your primary resource to prepare for your initial registration window this summer. College Studies gives you the information and tools you need to start your academic career. It provides academic advising information so you can schedule and prepare for registration, and introduces key concepts of information literacy, like how to sift through information, figure out what is useful and reliable, and then responsibly shape that information to serve your goals. On June 1 you will be enrolled (through Blackboard) into College Studies.

College Studies Section Table of Contents
Section 1: Liberal Arts & Choosing a Major

Every new student entering William & Mary begins as an undergraduate in Arts & Sciences. Our faculty have structured the undergraduate program so that you learn broadly, learn deeply, and gain the experience and skills that shape independent thinkers — engaged in the world around you, and prepared to assume a leadership role in your chosen field.

In this section:

Section 2: Transfer Credits

This is only for those students transferring courses or AP/IB credit to W&M. Transfer credit evaluations will begin once official transcripts have been received and will be ongoing. You may be asked to supply course descriptions and syllabi which may delay some postings.

In this section:

If you have questions, you can contact the Transfer Services Coordinator at or (757) 221-2823.

Section 3: Requirements & Starting your Academic Plan

As you consider the many possibilities available to you at W&M, remember that you'll also need to do some research to learn about specific requirements and opportunities. Advising is a partnership, and you are responsible for learning about W&M policies and requirements.

In this section:

Section 4: Advising at W&M (summer and beyond)

Your advisors (faculty, professional, peer, pre-professional program etc.) will collaborate with you and build a partnership. This partnership is based on mutual respect and shared responsibilities.

In this section: Seek Advice from Others

Section 5: Create an Academic Plan

Think through your academic goals and use important academic tools and resources to plan your schedule and have a list of courses ready for registration.

In this section: Planning tips & search for available courses (Banner 9, Open Course List - how to read Open Course List)

Assignment: Create your First-Year Academic Plan & Registration Sheet (you must submit this through Blackboard and peer advisors will review this mid-late June (transfer students) or early July (Class of 2027) to provide feedback.

Section 6: Registration

The earlier modules in College Studies have prepared you this moment! The purpose of summer registration is to help you become comfortable with common registration tools (Banner, DegreeWorks, and Open Course List) and allow you to register for a few of your fall courses. You will have the opportunity to complete your schedule during the orientation registration period and (if needed) during the add/drop period at the start of the fall semester.

In this section: When and how do I register? (when you'll register, add/drop classes, conditional add/drop, quick tips for successful registration)

Step 4: Utilize Summer Support for Academics & Registration

During the summer, you will have access to a variety of resources available to help you:

  • Informational Videos (June, July & August)
  • Office of Academic Affairs Office Hours (June, July & August)
  • Peer Advisors (late June & July)
  • Pre-Major Faculty & Pre-Professional Program Advisors (late August)
Step 5: Registration Period #1

Based on your completion of the College Studies online module, and support from your Peer Advisor, most students will register up to 8 credit hours

Step 6: Attend Academic Orientation Sessions

During orientation, there will be a variety of sessions about academics & planning at W&M. Attending these sessions will help you connect with campus resources and is another opportunity to ask any questions.

Step 7: Meet with your Pre-Major Advisor during Orientation

You will be assigned a pre-major faculty advisor at the start of Orientation. Learn more about the pre-major faculty advisor relationship.

Step 8: Registration Period #2 during Orientation

After meeting with your pre-major faculty advisor, you will complete your schedule and register for up to 16 credit hours.