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Campus Living’s commitment to community development and engagement is evident through the services provided in the Center for Community Development (CCD). The CCD is a resource center and creative planning space for student staff and campus leaders. A variety of resources are available in the CCD including, but not limited to, bulletin board paper, computer workstations, copier, printers, laminating and stencil machines, button maker, scanners, and a wide variety of paper.

CCD visitors are asked sign in during each visit and to remember that the resources are available because they have been paid for by resident housing and other fees. Use of CCD should be for the purpose of community development, student engagement, and initiative planning. Personal and academic work should not be completed within the CCD. 

Questions, comments, or concerns should be addressed to the Assistant Director for Community Development in person or by email at More information about the CCD is available on the web site at

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Fall 2021 CCD Hours of Operation

Sundays:        1pm - 5pm

Mondays:      10am - 8pm

Tuesdays:      1pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 10am - 8pm

Thursday:     1pm - 6pm

Friday:          10am - 1pm

Saturday:      Closed

Please note: If W&M is closed, so is the CCD regardless of posted hours. Regular hours may be modified during break times and finals. CCD is NOT open during Fall and Thanksgiving break.

 CONTACT US: | 757.221.3178 | Landrum 0039