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Stepping Stones

A six-part new student transition series.

Stepping Stones are a series of summer workshop sessions created with the intention of easing incoming students into life as a college student within the W&M community.

Each of the six (6) Summer 2021 sessions centered on a topic noted as being "of concern" by incoming students via their New Student Inventory. Student could register via TribeLink for either the live session on Tuesday or the pre-recorded event with live facilitation on Thursdays.

The recorded workshops are available below for on-going reference and support.

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Session 1: Setting Goals & Demystifying a Syllabi

{{youtube:medium:center|lfc5S8IiBYw, Stepping Stones Session 1}}

Session 2: Time Management & Organization

{{youtube:medium:center|OMBU-SIeF00, Stepping Stones Session 2}}

Session 3: Learning Styles

{{youtube:medium:center|GTl7Of7bn5w, Stepping Stones Session 3}}

Session 4: Majors & Career Development

{{youtube:medium:center|9HokIGawPf8, Stepping Stones Session 4}}

Session 5: Conflict Management

{{youtube:medium:center|d48ZiH03Lno, Stepping Stones Session 5}}

Session 6: Building Healthy Relationships

{{youtube:medium:center|lxjJJVGx_js, Stepping Stones Session 6}}