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Secondary Insurance Policy

Secondary Policy Requirements

The College of William & Mary athletics department carries a secondary policy for the treatment and care of athletic injury.  This policy applies only to medical bills that satisfy the following requirements:

  1. When services are rendered for the treatment of an intercollegiate injury; and
  2. When prior approval of that referral was granted through the athletic training staff (second opinions sought on your own will NOT be covered); and
  3. When care has been coordinated through the athletic training staff; and
  4. When services are rendered by a participant in the William & Mary Sports Medicine Network of Physicians; and
  5. When your insurance company has responded to and resolved all claims, i.e. where you insurance coverage has been exhausted for this particular injury.
Expiration of Benefits

You have 52 weeks from the Date of Injury to file and resolve all claims with the secondary insurance company.  After that date, the secondary policy may deny claims leaving you financially responsible for payment.

Secondary Policy Deductible

This policy carries a $250.00 deductible per injury that must be met by either your primary insurance policy and/or out-of-pocket payment.  Only once this deductible is met will the secondary policy company issue payment to providers.

Secondary Policy Contact Information

All itemized bills, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), and claims can be directed to AG Administrators, Inc., the secondary policy used by the College of William & Mary Athletics Department.  They can be reached at:

AG Administrators, Inc.
P.O. Box 979
Valley Forge, PA 19482
Office: 610-933-0800
Fax: 610-935-2860

Any additional questions should be directed to William & Mary's Athletic Insurance Coordinator, Melanie Eley at [[mneley]] or 757-221-4845.