Space Survey

The space survey is the process by which William & Mary identifies and classifies institutional facilities (rooms). The inventory is critical because it enables the university to develop an accurate accounting of space so that we can:

  • Develop a Facilities and Administrative rate proposal and receive an approved indirect cost rate to include in proposals submitted to funding agencies. That provides an opportunity for us to recover the cost of facilities used to support sponsored programs.
  • Develop accurate reports for submission to the National Science Foundation, the State Council on Higher Education, and other federal and state agencies and funding entities.
  • Calculate various square footage charges to use in institutional forecasting and planning.
  • Allocate facility costs on William & Mary financial statements.

The directions on how to implement the survey are in the Space Survey Manual (pdf).

Survey completion:
  • LeighAnn Everingham at [[lmeveringham]] or 221-3969
  • Jessica Pierce at [[jpierce]] or 221-2571
Square footage inquiry:
  • Tim Russell at [[tmruss]] or 221-2186