Research Compliance Reminder

 Vice Provost for Research Dennis Manos reiterates compliance standards.

"Research is an integral part of academic life, we have an obligation to perform it using our best available safety practices, in close compliance with laws and regulations..."

Important: ALL Proposals involving human subjects(to include survey work), animal subjects, radioactive material, infectious agents, or recombinant DNA must be reviewed/approved by the proper W&M Compliance Committee(s) BEFORE commencing research activity.

Research submitted to an external funding agency requires compliance committee approval prior to the Grant Office creating a fiscal account for the research activity. The PI must provide the Grant Office with protocol title and date of approval.

Please note: Select Agents fall under the purview of the Environment, Health and Safety Office. Please contact Sandra Prior, Director ESH before purchase of any Select Agent.

VIMS and Eastern Shore Laboratory personnel need to contact VIMS Director of Safety and Environmental Programs, Tom Grose, before purchase of any Select Agent.