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NEH Summer Stipend


The NEH Summer Stipend program is subject to an internal review process. The internal due date will be 9/12/18. The applications will be reviewed by the FRC and two nominees will be selected to move forward to agency submission. Additional details to follow.

Full Description

The NEH Summer Stipend program is directed toward junior faculty.  It is a competitive program designed to lay the groundwork for future grant applications.

All tenure, or tenure-track applicants, must be nominated by W&M. 

To determine the applicants to be nominated, the Faculty Research Committee (FRC) will meet in early September to review submissions.  Once the FRC makes recommendations, the applicants will submit directly to NEH by means of a Grants.gov application.

Additional information may be located on the NEH website.

NEH Summer Stipend Guidelines

NEH Summer Stipend FAQ's