W&M Service Year Leadership Program

As a university that values a commitment to others and to the common good, we seek to expand the number of students who’ve participated in a service year. The experience gained from doing a service year program will be given strong consideration in the admission process.

Students (undergraduate and transfer) who have completed a service year as indicated on their application for admission and accept admission to W&M will receive an invitation to the W&M Service Year Leadership Program soon after they submit their intention to attend.

Membership includes the following:
  • A one-time $2,000 award to be used to complete a summer community-based research project or a summer internship in a non-profit

  • Automatic admission (application waiver) to the Aim 4 program

  • Automatic admission (application waiver) to the DC Summer Institute on Leadership and Community Engagement and $2,000-$4,000 award to offset of costs of the program

  • Invitations to meet with guest speakers who are leaders in public service
* If more ​students are eligible and accepted than we can accommodate​ in a given year, a committee of faculty and staff will make selection decisions.