Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund was established in January 2016 to engage and support the creative energy and collaborative spirit of colleagues across the Division of Student Affairs. The fund supports group proposals (at least three people and no upper limit) that improve the quality of the student experience directly or indirectly, that support our Division values and support at least one of our Division of Student Affairs strategic plan goals.

Funding for current initiatives is encouraged and will be given the same consideration as new ideas. $5,000 will be available for awards to support the goal of collaboration with more funds possibly available to meet the demand of strong proposals. 

Proposals should include the following:
  • Title of project

  • List of members

  • A clear statement of the project

  • Evaluation of relevant best practices (if applicable)

  • Anticipated outcomes

  • Basic timeline for activity

  • Budget needs
Submission deadline:
All proposals should be submitted electronically to Drew Stelljes at [[w|adstel]] no later than 5 pm January1, 2019. 
 Additional Criteria/Considerations:
  • Funds can go directly to supporting student group initiatives (cannot go to support individuals)

  • Funds can fund a program that benefits students and is open to the campus
  • Funds cannot support staff travel for conferences
  • While not required, preference will be given to projects that work at least one other office in student affairs or elsewhere on campus
  • Preference will be given to applications that connect project goals in some way to Division strategic plan/goals