Fall 2016

Project Title:
The Daily Work of Justice conversation and speaker series
Project Description:

Various collaborators from across the College are developing a social justice issues speakers series, based around the theme, The Daily Work of Justice. We envision hosting three speakers throughout 2016-17 who can speak from a grassroots level about how they work for change step by step, with other people, and can invite students to explore an intentional approach toward justice work themselves. We seek to spark conversation about various salient issues on campus and in our broader community, and to follow up and prepare for the speakers with various connected events.

Project Title
Graduate Student Lunch Speaker Series
Description of the Project:

The goal of the Graduate Student Lunch Speaker Series is to provide learning and networking opportunities to all Higher Education graduate students, so that they might gain better insight into the workings of William & Mary as a complete university. The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) will coordinate these speakers and lunches as part of their executive duties.